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NFL Network Warns Staffers to Steer Clear of Politics on Social Media

United States News - Tue, 06/13/2017 - 15:16

As more and more sports fans take up the call for sportscasters to "stick to sports," news has leaked that the NFL Network is now warning employees to avoid talking about politics on their social media accounts.

Texas Cops Buy New A/C Unit for 95-Year-Old WWII Vet

United States News - Tue, 06/13/2017 - 15:03

Two police officers from Fort Worth, Texas, chipped in to buy a new air conditioning unit for an elderly World War II veteran. The officers made the purchases after responding to a call for help from the former warrior.

Donald Trump Mocks ‘Resist’ Democrats at Obamacare Meeting with Senate Republicans

United States News - Tue, 06/13/2017 - 15:00

President Donald Trump met with Republican senators for lunch at the White House to discuss progress on the bill to replace Obamacare, using the occasion to highlight the failures of former President Barack Obama’s signature healthcare plan and the obstruction of Democrats.

Texas Woman Accused of Shooting, Slitting Vet Boyfriend’s Throat for Being a ‘Jerk’

United States News - Tue, 06/13/2017 - 14:50

A Texas woman is accused of shooting her U.S. military veteran boyfriend and then slitting his throat to confirm he was dead after allegedly making her leave a bar.

LGBT Magazine Accuses Breitbart of ‘Homophobia’ for Criticizing #ResistMarch

United States News - Tue, 06/13/2017 - 14:44

The Advocate -- a magazine that covers lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer affairs (LGBTQ) -- has accused Breitbart News of "homophobia" for running critical coverage and analysis of Sunday's "ResistMarch" in Los Angeles.

Tory-DUP Government Deal Expected Wednesday After ‘Very Good Discussions’

United States News - Tue, 06/13/2017 - 14:25

Democratic Unionist Party leader Arlene Foster has hailed the "very good discussions" representatives of her Northern Ireland (Ulster) based party have been having with Theresa May's Conservatives, with political observers now expecting an official pact between the parties as early as Wednesday.

KFC to send chicken sandwich to edge of space on balloon

Lehigh Valley News - Tue, 06/13/2017 - 14:19

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — KFC plans to make a space pioneer out of a chicken sandwich next week when it sends it to the edge of the atmosphere with the help of a high-altitude balloon.

The promotional stunt for the Zinger sandwich comes two months after the fast food chain unveiled Rob Lowe playing...

Sony Lets Exclusives and Gameplay Speak for Themselves at E3

United States News - Tue, 06/13/2017 - 14:12

Sony showed up to E3 with all of the expected fanfare and a meaty serving of footage from a rich library of upcoming exclusives.

Things to know about Jeff Sessions on day of Senate hearing

Lehigh Valley News - Tue, 06/13/2017 - 14:02

Attorney General Jeff Sessions steps back into a familiar arena Tuesday when he testifies before the Senate intelligence committee about his role in the firing of FBI Director James Comey and the investigation into contacts between Trump campaign associates and Russia.

Last week, Comey raised additional...

McAuliffe on Hillary: ‘We Have Just Got to Move On’

United States News - Tue, 06/13/2017 - 13:54

Tuesday on Politico’s “Off Message” podcast, Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D-VA) said it was time for the Democratic Party “to move on” from Hillary Clinton. McAuliffe said, “I think you have got to move forward,” adding, “my advice would be we have just got to move on.” Discussing the reasons for Clinton’s presidential election loss and Russia’s involvement, he added, “So, that awareness has to be raised, has to be analyzed, has to be fixed, and I think there are enough people. My advice would be to Hillary — there’s enough people that will do that and get that information out.” Follow Pam Key on Twitter @pamkeyNEN

Adam Schiff Threatens to Violate Constitution–Twice–with Independent Counsel

United States News - Tue, 06/13/2017 - 13:51

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) threatened to have Congress appoint a special counsel, despite the Supreme Court’s decision that it is unconstitutional for Congress to appoint any federal official. This decision came from a case so famous that the lawmaker almost certainly learned it as a student at Harvard Law School.

Ubisoft Surprises with ‘Mario’ Crossover Title at E3 Press Conference

United States News - Tue, 06/13/2017 - 13:46

Ubisoft's E3 2017 press conference was an uneven showing of new and old with a few standout titles hogging the spotlight.

Pennsylvania state Sen. Scott Wagner won't be charged for 'tracker' altercation, prosecutor says

Lehigh Valley News - Tue, 06/13/2017 - 13:32

Republican State Sen. Scott Wagner is free to pursue higher office without the long-arm of the law within reach of his gubernatorial aspirations.

On Tuesday, the office of Democratic Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced he was exercising his "prosecutorial discretion" not to file criminal charges...

Watch Live: AG Jeff Sessions Testifies Before the Senate Intelligence Committee

United States News - Tue, 06/13/2017 - 13:30

Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. ET, Attorney General Jeff Sessions will testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Follow Breitbart.tv on Twitter @BreitbartVideo

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is taking a leave amid sweeping changes at the company

Lehigh Valley News - Tue, 06/13/2017 - 13:26

Uber chief executive Travis Kalanick said Tuesday he is taking an unspecified leave of absence as Uber announced dozens of changes intended to increase diversity, guard against inappropriate sexual behavior and bolster the independence of a board tied too closely to Kalanick.

He disclosed the leave...

Megyn Kelly Dropped as Host of ‘Sandy Hook Promise’ Gala over Alex Jones Interview

United States News - Tue, 06/13/2017 - 13:17

Megyn Kelly has agreed to step down as host of a gun violence prevention fundraiser related to the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary massacre after receiving heavy backlash over an upcoming interview with InfoWars founder Alex Jones, who has said that the attack was a hoax.

Verizon Takes over Yahoo to Complete $4.5 Billion Deal

United States News - Tue, 06/13/2017 - 13:14

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Verizon has taken over Yahoo, completing a $4.5 billion deal that will usher in a new management team to attempt to wring more advertising revenue from one of the internet's best-known brands.

DHS Shuts Down Anti-Deportation Office

United States News - Tue, 06/13/2017 - 13:13

President Donald Trump's Department of Homeland Security has deep-sixed an Obama-era program to have 21 taxpayer-funded agency officials cooperate with anti-deportation, pro-amnesty groups.

Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein says he sees no reason to fire Mueller

Lehigh Valley News - Tue, 06/13/2017 - 13:07

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said Tuesday he's seen no basis for firing Robert Mueller, the former FBI director he appointed as special counsel to oversee an investigation into potential coordination between the Trump presidential campaign and Russia.

Rosenstein repeatedly conveyed his...

Minor-league baseball team pitches pregnancy tests for Father's Day

Lehigh Valley News - Tue, 06/13/2017 - 13:04

A minor league baseball team in Florida has planned an unusual Father's Day promotion. The team will give out pregnancy tests.

This week Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp have added a second promotion to the usual Thirsty Thursday celebration. They're calling it the "You Might Be a Father" promotion, which...


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