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Carlson Warns: ‘After Sending All the Statues to the Landfill, It Will Be Time to Rip Up Our Founding Documents’

Fri, 08/18/2017 - 10:03

In his opening monologue Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” host Tucker Carlson warned that if an effort to depose of statues of historical figures deemed “morally worthless and unworthy of respect,” the movement could next set its sights on the country’s  founding documents. Transcript as follows: CARLSON: All this week we have noted that recent attacks on Confederate statues are not entirely about statues or even about the Confederacy. Instead, there is an effort to abolish the past into the morally worthless and unworthy of respect. The left we predicted wouldn’t stop with Robert E. Lee or Stonewall Jackson but would move on to George Washington. Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt and more. Twitter called us ridiculous. Well, it took more than less than 48 hours for reality to catch up to the worst-case scenario. In case you were not watching CNN today, here’s what you missed. Keep in mind that Angela Rye the woman speaking is not just a CNN contributor, she was the executive director of the Congressional Black Caucus which hardly a fringed figure in the Democratic Party. Watch. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) ANGELA RYE, CNN POLITICAL COMMENTATOR: George Washington was a slave owner. And we need

6 Incredible World Monuments That Must Be Destroyed

Fri, 08/18/2017 - 09:51

The left demands that monuments associated with slavery, tyranny, and oppression be dismantled. Here's the conclusion of their flawless logic.

Steve Bannon Fights for Trump Agenda As White House Enemies Voice Dissent

Fri, 08/18/2017 - 09:28

Steve Bannon, White House chief strategist, continues pressing for President Donald Trump’s agenda, while other White House advisers are signaling their frustration with the president.

Australian Woman in Barcelona Cheats Death at the Hands of Terrorists for Third Time

Fri, 08/18/2017 - 09:19

An Australian woman cheated death for the third time in three months when she narrowly avoided being directly caught up in the Islamist terror attack that convulsed Barcelona on Thursday.

Steve Bannon: Democrats Do Not Understand Donald Trump Voters

Fri, 08/18/2017 - 08:48

White House Strategist Steve Bannon continued to ridicule Democrats for focusing all of their political energy on race divisions, claiming they had no idea what inspired President Donald Trump’s supporters to vote for him. “This past election, the Democrats used every personal attack, including charges of racism, against President Trump. He then won a landslide victory on a straightforward platform of economic nationalism,” Bannon wrote in an email to the Washington Post. “As long as the Democrats fail to understand this, they will continue to lose. But leftist elites do not value history, so why would they learn from history?” As Trump faces criticism from Republicans and dissent from his own advisers, Bannon is trying to refocus the media narrative on the president’s economic agenda. In an interview with the American Prospect, Bannon also gave his frank assessment of the Democrat’s agenda. “The Democrats, the longer they talk about identity politics, I got ’em. I want them to talk about racism every day,” he said. “If the left is focused on race and identity, and we go with economic nationalism, we can crush the Democrats.”

Michael Chabon, Ayelet Waldman Pen Antisemitic Letter to Jews Who Support Trump

Fri, 08/18/2017 - 08:17

Authors Michael Chabon and Ayelet Waldman have penned an open letter to fellow Jews, warning them that if they do not oppose President Donald Trump, they will be labeled as Nazi collaborators and traitors to their people.

H.R. McMaster-Endorsed Book Calls Jihad Peaceful, Al-Qaida Terrorism ‘Resistance’

Fri, 08/18/2017 - 07:42

TEL AVIV -- A book on terrorism endorsed and touted by H.R. McMaster, the embattled White House National Security Adviser, calls Hamas an “Islamist political group” while failing to categorize the deadly organization as a terrorist group, and refers to al-Qaida attacks and anti-Israel terrorism as “resistance.”

Claim: CIA ‘Warned Barcelona Police’ About Possible Las Ramblas Attack

Fri, 08/18/2017 - 07:38

The CIA allegedly warned Barcelona police two months ago that the city’s popular tourist area, Las Ramblas, could be the target of a terrorist attack.

Spain’s Day of Terror: 14 Victims and Six Suspected Terrorists Dead After Multiple Attacks

Fri, 08/18/2017 - 05:13

Spain suffered four incidents believed to be related to terrorism, including two deadly attacks, in little over 24 hours between Wednesday and Thursday, which have left 13 victims dead, dozens injured, and as many as six suspected terrorists dead.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Demands Removal of Confederate Names, Busts

Fri, 08/18/2017 - 05:13

Gov. Andrew Cuomo catered to his party's left-wing base Wednesday when he called for the removal of Confederate names and busts from the Big Apple.

MSNBC Tops Cable in Total Viewers for First Time Ever

Fri, 08/18/2017 - 05:00

For the first time ever, MSNBC’s Wednesday programming topped all cable networks in total viewers. CNN was fourth behind Nickelodeon.

Trucks and Cars Now Weapons of Choice for Terrorists

Fri, 08/18/2017 - 04:53

BARCELONA (AFP) - A driver deliberately ploughed a van into pedestrians on one of Spain's busiest streets on Thursday, injuring a number of people in what police called a "terrorist attack".

Iran Opposition Leader Hospitalized After Going on Hunger Strike

Fri, 08/18/2017 - 04:45

TEHRAN, Iran — Iranian opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi, under house arrest for the past six years, was hospitalized Thursday after going on hunger strike a day earlier to demand a trial date, his family told local media.

Timeline: 20 Major Islamist Attacks in Europe in Recent Years

Fri, 08/18/2017 - 04:42

LONDON (AP) — The deadly Barcelona van attack that killed 13 people and wounded dozens of others Thursday is the latest attack in Europe in recent years. Here are some of the other major ones, many of which used vehicles:

Wildfires Trap 2,000 Villagers in Portugal

Fri, 08/18/2017 - 04:36

LISBON (AFP) - Forest fires cut off a village of 2,000 people in Portugal, as firefighters struggled Thursday to control two major blazes in the centre of the country, local officials said.

Spanish Police Crack Gang Moving Migrants on Jet-Skis

Fri, 08/18/2017 - 04:32

MADRID (AFP) - Spanish police on Thursday said they had shut down a gang charging migrants 5,000 euros each to bring them across from Morocco via the Strait of Gibraltar on jet-skis.

Israeli Embassy in Cairo Expected to Reopen

Fri, 08/18/2017 - 04:28

The Israeli Embassy in Cairo is expected to resume routine activities in the near future, after six years of operating only partially, Israeli officials said on Tuesday.

Family Research Council Advises Day of Prayer for America’s Healing

Fri, 08/18/2017 - 03:59

The president of the Family Research Council (FRC) is advising President Donald Trump to call the nation to prayer and reconciliation in the wake of the deadly clash between white supremacists and radical leftist protesters in Charlottesville.

Das Racist! Red Sox Owner Seeks to Remove Former Owner’s Name from Boston Street Bordering Fenway Park

Fri, 08/18/2017 - 03:09

The mania to tear down politically incorrect statuary and memorials invades Brahmin Boston from the Old Confederacy.

Blue State Blues: The Campus Snowflakes Are Taking Over the Country

Fri, 08/18/2017 - 03:01

The same "speech is violence" arguments used at Berkeley are being made in the wake of the violence at Charlottesville -- not just by Antifa, but by widely respected members of the media and political establishment.